Bitcoin : My Fiance does not believe taxation is theft.

Bitcoin : My Fiance does not believe taxation is theft.

I don’t know how to address her problematic thinking.

She believes that we should not be paying for others health care or others schooling etc, however she believes its ok to tax for roads and things that everyone uses.

She does not seem to understand that her views are the reason I cannot live a life free of oppression. she believes I am trying to impose my views on her when in reality she imposes her views on me by forcing me to pay for things I want no part in.

her arguments are as shallow as “you use the roads right? then pay for it.”

I find it extremely difficult to live with someone that wants to use violence to take the fruits of my labor.

is this relationship doomed?

She also hoards FIAT currency.

I don’t know if i made the right choice guys.

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