Bitcoin : Need help trying to figure out why block contains few transactions

Bitcoin : Need help trying to figure out why block contains few transactions

I’m trying to troubleshoot bitcoin block 0000000000000000001aaef7bdca12abf93c862b5df4db96ca6130b6445655c1. The Prohashing pool found this block this morning, but it only has 9 transactions. The blocks around it appear to have many more transactions than this one does, some as many as 1300. Yet, getblocktemplate returned just a few transactions. This is the third block where there were about the same number of transactions.

Since all the other coins mined by the pool contain a lot of transactions, it’s unlikely that this problem is a bug in the mining server that limits blocks to 9 transactions. For example, litecoin block 9d24ac1c74689309c08f4d2bd4eb47210c8f44f4c788472fd003bf7d8d4ad562 contains 19 transactions. Bitcoin Cash block 000000000000000000c966e7c0f566df540efc2b30604188a7cf511cb8e41730 also contains more than 9 transactions. That’s why I think the problem is a configuration error.

Here’s the bitcoin.conf file, in case that helps.

blocknotify=/usr/share/ –user=daemon –pass=[censored]

and here’s what getinfo() returns:

“version”: 1000300,
“protocolversion”: 80002,
“walletversion”: 60000,
“balance”: 15.98119571,
“blocks”: 534848,
“timeoffset”: 0,
“connections”: 27,
“proxy”: “”,
“difficulty”: 5949437371609.53,
“testnet”: false,
“keypoololdest”: 1529134290,
“keypoolsize”: 100,
“unlocked_until”: 0,
“paytxfee”: 0.00000000,
“relayfee”: 0.00002423,
“errors”: “Warning: unknown new rules activated (versionbit 1)”

While a lot of discussion here is about BCH, all of our employees are banned from all of the Core’s discussion forums, so this is the only place we can go. Any help someone can provide would be appreciated, as including more transactions in blocks would also allow the networks to function better for everyone.

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