Bitcoin : Neutralize now accepting Bitcoin with Bitpay on website checkout.

Bitcoin : Neutralize now accepting Bitcoin with Bitpay on website checkout.

We are excited to accept Bitcoin on our new product Neutralize by Advanced Dietary Formulas. Do you enjoy a few alcoholic beverages, but want to feel better the next day?

Neutralize reduces acetaldehyde, which is the main carcinogenic metabolite resulting from alcohol (ethanol) consumption. As a matter of fact, a key ingredient in Neutralize reduced acetaldehyde by 100% after 50mls of alcohol (ethanol) was consumed by human subjects compared to placebo.

Neutralize was developed for consumers that are ambitious, health conscious and still want to have fun. Neutralize will not prevent intoxication.

We understand that the average supplement consumer has been deceived many times when it comes to supplements and their efficacy. We spent 3 years formulating Neutralize, and **we believe in our product so strongly we are willing to give out free samples to prove to our future customers that Neutralize works.**

**Enter your email on our website** [****]( **and you will immediately receive an email with a link and password to access the free sample checkout. No credit card information required, no shipping cost to you! We just want you to try it! US ONLY for now until we figure out international shipping/ regulations. Limit one totally free sample per customer.** We are available in the EU now through []( the largest nutritional supplement distributor in Europe. They can inform you when and who in the EU will supply Neutralize based on your location in EU.

[]( Thanks for the support Bitcoin community!


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