Bitcoin : OneTime. About Us and Our Mission!

Bitcoin : OneTime. About Us and Our Mission!

## About Us

OneTime, a multi-purpose platform with built in clever Technology which enables the users to share their experience on the social media network, build an online marketplace and trade Bitcoins safely and securely. Users can chat with their friends and loved ones in a real-time mode without any hassle. One Time offers a Simple, Secure and Reliable platform to connect and transfer products/Bitcoins all over the World.

As being 1 part, a Social Networking Platform, OneTime enables the users to share their thoughts and ideas with the tap of a screen. We also offer a Real Time chat feature which allows Users to send messages and connect instantly with friends without a delay. One of the best features of OneTime is the PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption which allows you to send messages securely and easily within the Platform. Thus, OneTime offers 100% privacy and protection.

OneTime is a platform where people from various countries can exchange their local currency for Bitcoins, without including any third party. Users can also list Products they would love to sell in exchange for bitcoins too!. All transactions are secured with escrow which is built within the application so we can assure everyone no one will be scammed for what they intend to purchase.

## Bitcoin Escrow

* Find something you wish to Buy/Sell
* Upon Purchasing/Selling these item all Bitcoins will be between the Buyer/Seller.
* Being Happy with his or her Purchase the user will release the Escrow using there Unique Bitcoin Pin so that the Seller can receive his or her Funds.

If you happen to be disappointed with your purchase we also offer a built in dispute system so any Bitcoins will be frozen by our Support team. Upon resolving the dispute weather the seller was in the wrong we will refund the Bitcoins back to the Buyer, either way both the Seller and the Buyer can rest assured we are here to help!

## Our Mission

OneTime has started with a mission to provide it’s users a single platform from sharing there pleasant Memories to trading Bitcoins. We aim to connect people across the globe without any barriers. They can interact as Entrepreneurs, Friends as well as Traders. Blockchain technology in the OneTime has provided unprecedented transparency which eradicates the threat of fraudulent information. Thus, this application focuses on connecting the people with plenty of services fast and reliably.




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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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