Bitcoin : Question about the MoneyButton (regarding privacy)

Bitcoin : Question about the MoneyButton (regarding privacy)

I was thinking about two things on privacy. If I understand MoneyButton correctly:

1. The user (customer) first load his account on your site/app with BCH.

2. When he is logged in you guys detect his account using cookies on websites that have a MoneyButton.

3. All the user now need to do is swipe the MoneyButton and you guys create a transaction to whatever address that site has specified.

4. The site gets a BCH transaction and the website gets a little signal that whoever is on the page right now has sent a payment.

**My primary concern:** Can the site owner now look at the BCH transaction it received and check the blockchain to find out how much BCH the user have on his MoneyButton account? And, following transactions leading to his MoneyButton account, find out how much BCH he have left in his phone wallet or wherever the money came from?

So I was wondering if you take some measures to make this kind of analytics much harder to do? Because otherwise there’s a risk that sites using the MoneyButton detect that “oh, this guy is rich” and they then bump up the prices (or worse, use that info to extort him or whatever).

*I guess the simplest way to do it would be to make 100% sure the user’s deposit BCH address is never used to send BCH to a site using the MoneyButton; that MoneyButton provides their own BCH to send to the end sited and effectively acts like a BCH mixing service.*

**My secondary concern:** Will you have to verify your real identity to be a user of the MoneyButton or to put it on a site? Or will it be possible to use it (both pay and get paid) as Anonymous?

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