Bitcoin : Question regarding recent price drop

Bitcoin : Question regarding recent price drop

I admit, it’s been a while since I used to regularly peruse r/btc. When I was a regular, I was always off put from asking about price drops because 1 of two things would inevitably happen. Trolls would take it as a chance to trash bitcoin cash, and supporters would only offer that “price doesn’t matter unless you’re a no good hodlr!” And call me a concern troll. Invariably, I’d always end up answerless.

I’m hoping since my absence that my curiosity in the price might actually be satiated this time around.

The news I have seen has been about various business adoption both brick and mortar as well as digital, and atms cropping up here and there. My reaction was “Awesome! Adoption going strong!” But when I checked to see the value of my remaining BCH, it’s been the lowest I’ve seen.

I’m curious of the reason for this. Is someone selling off loads of BCH? Have the buyers and spenders gone stagnant? Has there been some sort of (legitimate/non propaganda) bad publicity that i’ve missed? Is something in the works to give BCH a much needed boost in usage and adoption?

The main reason I’ve decided to try and find answers is because the news I’ve seen and read seem to indicate the opposite type of market behavior I’ve seen recently, and I’m hoping someone with insight can help me understand why.

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