Bitcoin : r/Bitcoin recap – July 2018

Bitcoin : r/Bitcoin recap – July 2018

Hi Bitcoiners!

I’m back with the nineteenth monthly Bitcoin news recap.

For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popular/relevant/interesting stories in r/Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you a quick (but not necessarily the best) overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.

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**A recap of Bitcoin in July 2018**

* 01: [ has routed 400 payments worth 6M satoshis for a combined $0.10 in fees](
* 02: [Coinbase launches its custodial service for institutional investors](
* 03: [Users can now create their own assets on the Liquid sidechain](
* 04: [According to Bitrefill’s blockchain analysis, Bitpay lost over half of their payment traffic since implementing BIP70](
* 05: [A comparison between proof-of-stake and the central banking system]( & [What developers have learned from bootstrapping the Lightning Network]( & [The state of merchant adoption](
* 06: [Pieter Wuille submits a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal for Schnorr signatures](
* 07: [The capacity of the Lightning Network has been steadily rising](
* 08: [Someone becomes the biggest node on the Lightning Network by opening $50k worth of channels](
* 09: [BTCPayServer has integrated with the Lightning Network]( & [Ledger launches Leder Live, a companion app for their hardware wallet](
* 10: [100 Merchants can trial Bitcoin’s Lightning Network risk free through CoinGate](
* 11: [Another day, another bank laundering $8b while claiming Bitcoin is for criminals](
* 12: [A house is sold for bitcoin in the United States](
* 13: [Billionaire Steven Cohen invests in cryptocurrency hedge fund](
* 14: [There are 3 blocks over 2MB in a row]( & [A 45 min talk on future technological upgrades to Bitcoin]( & [Someone livestreams eating M&M’s from a Lightning-powered candy dispenser](
* 15: [Over 40% of all transactions now use SegWit, while some large companies still haven’t adopted it]( & [A stress test of all the popular metal cold storage devices](
* 16: [Dave helps recover someones lost 2.44 btc]( & [A story from someone working at a financial firm on how they treat clients asking about bitcoin]( & [A community member translates into his native language – Serbian](
* 17: [The bitcoin price rises $1000 in a day with a clear example of how connected exchanges are now](
* 18: [A reminder to properly secure your bitcoins](
* 19: [A billionaire states he has 1% of his wealth in bitcoin]( & [It is now possible to buy Amazon gift cards with Lightning]( & [A US Congressman says bitcoin is for criminals, while his own funding source is from illegal gambling](
* 20: [ still hasn’t implemented SegWit despite promises]( & [Robin Hood (the movie) is partnering with Robinhood (the app) to give away $50k in cryptocurrency](
* 21: [The Lightning Network now has over 10k channels]( & [An infographic on how to identify cryptocurrency scams](
* 22: [Google is allowing some cryptocurrency ads again](
* 23: [People discuss a Bitcoin ETF decision on 10th of August]( & [The upgrade path to post-quantum computing]( & [How Square could help bitcoin adoption](
* 24: [New Zap desktop and iOS apps](
* 25: [A visualisation of the Lightning Network growth over the past 6 months]( & [Stratis to release a Bitcoin privacy solution using masternodes based on the TumbleBit protocol]( & [Skrill users can now buy and sell bitcoin](
* 26: [A resort in Sri Lanka is accepting bitcoin]( & [Mycelium android wallet is implementing SegWit support a year late]( & [Marco Polo got laughed away by the Venetian Republic upon introducing paper money](
* 27: [An SEC Commissioner disagrees with a bitcoin ETF rejection]( & [Google bans cryptocurrency mining apps from its Play Store](
* 28: [An article on what happened when Jameson Lopp, a Bitcoin engineer, got SWATted a year ago](
* 29: [Bitcoin Core 0.16.2 is released]( & [Bitcoin adoption in New Hampshire]( & [A petition to free Ross Ulbricht reaches 43k signatures](
* 30: [Kim Kardashian mentions bitcoin on Instagram to her 114M followers](
* 31: [Iran’s bitcoin trading volume rises as their currency loses value due to US sanctions]( & [Ross Ulbricht’s murder-for-hire charges dropped related to the Silk Road](

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