Bitcoin : Same old wish, different reason

Bitcoin : Same old wish, different reason

Just came here to wish the same thing everyone else does, but for a different reason: I wish I had known about BTC back when it was practically (financially) worthless, somehow didn’t lose it all to MTGOX, and had F.U. money worth of BTC now so that I could do more to help the network, experiment, and generally mess around on a meaningful level.

I find this stuff so interesting and really believe in the tech and want it to succeed. I run a full node and set up a LN node but I want to put so much more in than the fraction of a BTC I have in now. My LN node hasn’t actually transmitted a single payment in 22 days now, despite being 1sat/byte. I’m assuming it’s b/c frankly my channels aren’t that big or useful. Connecting to the large nodes seem silly because all of the large nodes are already connected to each other directly with very well funded channels of their own. I look forward to Atomic Multipath Payments in LN so that every little channel really can contribute proportionally. BTC isn’t really running at full capacity throughout the day either, and so people probably aren’t as compelled to try out LN yet.

Not sure what my point is – just thinking out loud. Well, I’m typing so I guess it’s not out loud. This is getting deep.

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