Bitcoin : State of Bitcoin fungibility in 2018?

Bitcoin : State of Bitcoin fungibility in 2018?

Until about a month ago if I’m not mistaken the only working TRUSTLESS fungibility solution was JoinMarket, right?

Now we have Wasabi wallet which offer tumblebit implementation but they charge a fee (0.3%? was it?) but is yet to get out of beta.

Yesterday announced Breeze wallet with another tumblebit implementation? But they charge the whooping 1.5% fee

And the useless Samurai ricochet feature which just sends the same amount 5 times to a new address in a row.

As far as I know none of those have been audited? (I’ll be glad to be proven wrong with links to research)

Now for Wasabi and Breeze it is understandable to not have been researched since they were just released but still would be nice to get some attention to them and increase the chances for community review that way.

So, please add if I’m missing something and especially if there is some research into any of those that proves or disproves their usability.

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