Bitcoin : The CoinLoan Platform is Live and Waiting for You to Lend and Borrow!

Bitcoin : The CoinLoan Platform is Live and Waiting for You to Lend and Borrow!

**What is CoinLoan?**

[*CoinLoan*]( is a lending platform with a P2P economy. On CoinLoan any person or company can become a lender or a borrower on its own terms. The platform’s primary objective is to link counteroffers and ensure the safety of the deal.

**How does it work?**

Crypto collateral protects lender’s fiat funds from the risks of non-repayment. Borrowers get a loan regardless of the credit history and don’t need to choose between holding their crypto and getting access to money.

**What makes us different?**

At the moment, the CoinLoan offers the most flexible conditions in the lending market. Any user has an opportunity to customize the amount and term of a loan, choose currency or cryptoasset for collateral, interest rate and LTV (loan-to-value ratio).

**How to start?**

It is enough to register and verify your account for creating a lending or borrowing application. If there is a suitable counteroffer, the applications will be matched and the user will quickly receive fiat money. Licenses, credit history checks or solvency proofs are not required for borrowing or getting a loan.

**Which way to turn?**

* Follow the [*link*]( to start lending and borrowing.
* Contact us with your questions or feedback via [](

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