Bitcoin : THEME OF THE DAY: Why does LocalBitcoins have massive account blocking? looking for real reasons …

Bitcoin : THEME OF THE DAY: Why does LocalBitcoins have massive account blocking? looking for real reasons …

Recently encountered a very unpleasant situation:
1) Registered on LocalBitcoins They requested manual enhanced user identification.
2) sent them a whole list of photos (“full front profile from the bottom” lol)
3) The identification was over.
4) Started trading. I traded honestly. Had only positive feedback. always took the client’s side, even to the detriment of himself. One of them even let go of the bitcoins in debt (well, he pleaded very much, promised to return.) Lol). That is, I did NOT EXACTLY DO NOTHING FRAUD! 100%!
5) on 105 transactions received a block, and the site did not let the bitcoins be released to the client on the transaction.
6) I wrote to technical support, I wrote here at Reddit 7) I received a response from VeraLocalBitcoins that I will be answered in the ticket during the day
8) The buyers were released to the buyer (through a decision in favor of the buyer), the answer is waiting for
9) I received a response from technical support:
Your account is locked, because we have reason to believe that you have violated our Terms of Service. The account lockout will be canceled as soon as we are sure that the problem, due to which your account is blocked, is resolved.
We ask that you perform additional steps to verify your identity.
To do this, please provide:
Photos of your passport (data turn)
Your photo (selfie) with a passport in hand and a note with the user’s name and today’s date
A fresh utility bill with your full name on it OR an extract from your bank account with your full name on it 10) I sent out ALL PHOTOS AGAIN. wrote to Reddit. again waiting 😔

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