Bitcoin : This latest attack is weaksauce and not going to do much. :/

Bitcoin : This latest attack is weaksauce and not going to do much. :/

In the end they don’t seem to have much more than some very dubious words. In an uncensored community such as r/btc, that can only go so far.

Some Reminders:

– Development is still decentralized with multiple implementations of the protocol. If u/deadalnix has “gone rogue” it’s still OK. Although I hope he hasn’t, he seems like a good guy who got attacked too hard and kind of flipped his shit.

– CSW still only has a PhD in theology and no legitimate knowledge or skill related to Bitcoin. His shill army is unskilled at infiltration and is very apparent and not as stealthy as they think. More and more people are realizing how much of a fraud he is. The uncensoredness of this community is his kryptonite and I don’t see how he can ever overcome that.

– CSW is locked in with big investors. He is tasked with bringing patents to a permissionless, open source decentralized project, which is hilariously contradictory. Godspeed on your project, you hack.

– Bitcoin Core software still literally has a hard cap on success (AKA “scaling”).

– The Bitcoin Core side still has highly censored and controlled communities of faux-intellectuals who think they are feudal lords and their followers serfs.

>Everyone who does evil hates the light

To the attackers: I hope one day you realize that the bad guys were you all along. I hope you can overcome this shameful part of your lives with therapy.

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