Bitcoin : /u/higher-plane is a serial ban-evading troll

Bitcoin : /u/higher-plane is a serial ban-evading troll

His latest trolling behavior is to try to spread ridiculous [conspiracy theories]( about Peter Rizun and Amaury Sechet, while simultaneously [supporting]( nChain/Craig Wright.

This username is at least his sixth incarnation in this sub. Here are his previous ones, in order from oldest to newest:

* /u/bitcoincashuser
* /u/Contrarian- (LOL)
* /u/wobsd
* /u/apresents
* /u/bchworldorder

Each of those usernames was banned from /r/btc for one reason or another. Now he’s back under the username /u/higher-plane. He was **slightly** more careful this time. He managed to not call anyone a “troll cuck” this time, which was his normal signature move. However, he’s still been incredibly sloppy:

* He always frequents the same subs (/r/btc, /r/CryptoCurrency, and /r/nba)
* [He uses]( “lmao” [frequently]( (and always [lowercase](
* He [admits]( he’s been ‘in bch’ for about as long as his first username existed, despite his current account being much younger than that.
* Nearly identical average words per comment in each account (14 in his last account, 16 in this account, both *much* less than the average for this sub)
* All accounts indicate the same timezone (see [here]( for instance)
* His post submissions are usually from coingeek or twitter
* [Frequently]( talks about [“dick sucking”](
* He created this new account **the same day** his last username (/u/bchworldorder) was banned from /r/btc.

I can easily go on if there are still any doubters, but honestly, just skim some of the comments from each of the accounts I listed; it’s obvious.

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