Bitcoin : Unpopular opinion: I hope the bear market continues for some time.

Bitcoin : Unpopular opinion: I hope the bear market continues for some time.

No, I’m not crazy… and yes, I do hodl and actually bought more not long ago, so higher than today. But I still hope the bear market continues for a while.

Two reasons stand out. There are still too many shitcoins that are valued at $1bn+ market cap. All that is nothing but hype, and should be further shaken off.

But the most important reason is high market prices made attacking Bitcoin MUCH easier. If 1 SHC (SCH = SHitCoin) buys you 1 month of shilling and propaganda, and you have 10,000+ SHC, that’s a fuckton of shilling a propaganda. But if 1 SHC only buys you one day of shilling and propaganda, you’ll run out of shitcoins VERy fast. And if you want to continue with shilling and propaganda, you’ll need to do an ISO (Initial Shitcoin Offering) or an IPO. Basically, you need to find someone to sell your fucking bags to. And selling heavy bags is **MUCH** more difficult in a bear market, when the bulls are out in force it’s easy to convince yourself that the bags are full of gold when they are really full of shit.


Bitcoin is fine. Long live the bear market.


Disclaimer: Any references to real people and/or companies are entirely accidental. Or not. No Bitcoiners were harmed in the making of this message, but many bag holders will be offended. Deal with it, I don’t care.

:*full billionaire mode engaged*:

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