Bitcoin : “Us and them” doesn’t help anyone

Bitcoin : “Us and them” doesn’t help anyone

I prefer BTC to BCH. I think BCH’s concept for scaling is naîve and shortsighted. I also think that Lightning Network is an interesting technological concept that has a few problems to solve before it can be usable and it’s possible those are unsolvable, meaning LN would never be usable, but I don’t know for sure either way. I also think Roger Ver is a reasonably unstable lunatic and liar that uses pretty cringe-worthy marketing tactics to try to get what he wants.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean I automatically agree with everything every BTC developer or supporter says. I make up my own mind about what is reasonable and what isn’t. When Luke Dashjr said the block size should be decreased, I disagreed. When some people claim block size should never be increased, I argue strongly that one day in the not too distant future, we’ll probably need to (but that day isn’t today). I don’t care what Blockstream as a company wants or is trying to achieve – they’re no more relevant than anyone else and wield no power over my choices in how I participate on the network. I also don’t care about Roger Ver when it comes to my assessment of BCH’s technical aspects; he has essentially nothing to do with them. These kinds of things are not what bitcoin is about; but even more importantly they’re not helpful in actually solving anything and coming to any kind of useful answer. They don’t get you any closer to truth without evidence and rational conclusions that follow from the evidence using formal logic; not just “I feel it’s right, and can’t imagine it being any other way, so it must be right” (that’s a fallacy called an Argument from Ignorance).

When you immediately accuse anyone of being a “Core troll”, use terms like “Corean” when they express a viewpoint that you disagree with, or accuse them of being paid shills from Blockstream (really, you think Blockstream has THAT many shills?) you’re only hindering the opportunity for sensible discussion (but if they really are trolling; feel free. I’ll personally just ignore trolls on either side). If someone can honestly give me good rational arguments that non-mining nodes are useless, and/or that block sizes such that only larger companies can effectively run nodes, or any other of the major differences between BTC and BCH then I’ll listen. I’ll continue to ask questions and provide counter evidence and rational arguments because I’m not just going to believe someone without evidence; I need to be convinced. But that’s what discussion is all about. That’s what we **should** be doing.

If you truly believe BCH is better than BTC, then I want to know why, because maybe you’re right and I’m missing something important. I’d rather be wrong now and be convinced by evidence and facts to change my mind than be happily in ignorance forever believing an untruth (this is true of literally every single belief I hold on any topic). If you think you can honestly say the same, then you should be open to listening to people who prefer BTC and their reasons for doing so. You should be open to being potentially convinced that you were wrong. But equally, you should defend your position with all evidence and reasoned conclusions that you have as well, up to the point that they no longer stand in the face of contrary evidence, or the contrary evidence runs dry and you can stand even more convinced and secure in your position.

Let’s rationally and fairly discuss the pros, cons, merits, and concerns without trolling, accepting when people point out our mistakes and logical fallacies (yes, we all make them), and being open to the idea that we can be wrong, no matter what our original position.

I’d like to thank /u/crypto-kid for the great discussion we had starting [here](, which prompted me to write this post.


Edit: To those who are downvoting all the people answering me and upvoting me, you’re not helping or doing me any favours here. Please upvote posts you think contribute to the discussion and downvote those that actively detract from the discussion (neither up nor downvoting those you find to be not actively contributing but also not actively detracting); regardless of whether you agree with opinions presented therein or not.

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