Bitcoin : Users being asked to remove Trustpilot reviews that are warning people about

Bitcoin : Users being asked to remove Trustpilot reviews that are warning people about

Reviewer contacted

” Hello, Could you please share any evidence that you used one of our services? If not please delete this comment. Thankfully, The Bitcoin “con” Team ”


From a purged review…

” Dear Crypto Community, now that Bitcoin Cash has achieved a 1 year anniversary milestone, it’s time to move on from misunderstandings about bitcoin as cash. Please dig below the surface by watching detailed interviews and presentations on bitcoin “con” youtube channel about the Bitcoin Cash fork. Here is a summary article:

r/https://www bitcoin con/info/what-is-bitcoin-ca”

” **We live here:**

United Kingdom” o rly?

EDIT: This is r/btc ‘s view on it [](

Edit: The other post about Trustpilot above which has many more clicks, was created after this post was made. The score doesn’t say it’s a phishing /scam site, this is purely being used as a way to divert from the issue of users been asked to delete their reviews. If users don’t respond then they can delete the review. This has nothing to do with a “brigade” just attacking their trustpilot score, except it just made it worse for them….

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