Bitcoin : Where to live on Bitcoin in 2018?

Bitcoin : Where to live on Bitcoin in 2018?

TLDR: Where can I pay for rent/food/utilities in crypto (ideally BCH) beside Tokyo? I’m willing to move anywhere in the world where I can actually live on crypto again.


Back in 2014-15 I used to actually live on Bitcoin. I would scan QR codes to pay for my bill at restaurants. I’d managed to find a cool landlord who was taking Bitcoin for rent. I could top up my phone and electricity credits online with BTC. My taxi driver would take BTC too. (The only thing for which I had to resort to fiat was petrol.) It was glorious. I miss that time so much!

Then transaction fees started to get over $1, merchants lost interest because of the high fees and unreliable slow confirmation times and adoption started to decrease for the first time. It was really sad to witness.

Thankfully Bitcoin is looking promising again (although the ticker changed to BCH for some reason…) and I intend on living on crypto again ASAP.

Do you know any crypto-friendly cities or directories such as and Thanks 😀

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