Bitcoin : Why Bitcoin will replace Gold

Bitcoin : Why Bitcoin will replace Gold

Gold is currently a major ingredient for countries reserves and for the security of the publics personal wealth, but should be replaced by Bitcoin.

Key reasons why Gold is the wrong choice:

-also a huge consumption of electricity.

-mining deaths for Gold, way exceed that of Bitcoin.

-South Africa mines about 50% of the worlds Gold and the mine shafts are the top 10 deepest shafts in the world…meaning it is getting more dangerous, expensive and scarce to continue mining at those depths. [](

-at these depths the cost of mining Gold can be expected to increase exponentially as opposed to linearly.

– Bitcoin is far easier to transfer and within reach of a far greater proportion of the population

– Bitcoin is also a scarce commodity limited to 21million coins in total.

– The poor people mining Gold hardly have a say in the main decisions being made.

Surely the fact that Bitcoin mining does not produce deaths or injuries in comparison to Gold should be a clear reason to switch to Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority.
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