Blockchain : DACC Uses Blockchain Technology to Transform the Entertainment Content Industry

Blockchain : DACC Uses Blockchain Technology to Transform the Entertainment Content Industry

In April of this year, the incident of Chinese famous singer Jay Chou’s work being infringed by a music platform attracted the attention of many fans and netizens. In the absence of authorisation from Jay Chou, the platform arbitrarily sold download licenses to users. After the copyright party requested to pull the relevant songs off the shelves, the platform directly advises the users to purchase “lifetime listening” rights of Jay Chou’s 200 songs for 400 RMB.

The music platform clearly has no copyright but still carries on commercial activities. The platform has been requested by the copyright party to remove the songs from the shelves, but it is still blatantly selling. As a very influential music app in China, its copyright awareness is so weak, and such infringement of the artist’s copyright is simply mind-boggling.

The copyright issue is a persistent problem of the entertainment content industry. The copyrights of creators’ commercial works are not guaranteed. Under the logic of the centralized platform safe haven principle, “Notice – Delete – Disclaimer”, the cost of piracy is extremely low and the cost of rights protection is extremely high. The creators are not getting equal income, and their enthusiasm for creation has also been severely hit.

DACC is the world’s first decentralized IAM-based content blockchain. It is committed to solving copyright problems from the source and to creating a copyright protection model using the non-tamperable nature of the blockchain. It helps the content creators to get the benefits they deserve and therefore encourage content creators to produce higher quality content. The DACC public chain can use the IAM-based standard library to define services and transactions for each DAPP. All content platforms can use the DACC decentralised Token economic model to freely create incentive mechanisms and trading markets, to facilitate direct purchases of fans, with the consumption details traceable throughout the transaction.

In addition, DACC uses the Identity and Access Management (IAM) file system to allow ownership and access to the data file system on the chain to be managed by the copyright owner. Taking music as an example, copyright owner can decide whether the users can access the page, listen to the music, or apply for secondary creation.

DACC’s rights confirmation guarantees the authorisation of the second creation. In DACC’s ecosystem, every income created by the authorized person will be well documented, and thus the interests of the original author can be continuously protected.

Besides, although in the current market there is no large-scale piracy, “video clips” are gradually becoming the most “hidden” piracy after the rise of short video.

For two-hour films, every second and every frame takes many effort by the production team. But the online secondary creation of the original film into a short video of seven or eight minutes, which makes the audience less interested in watching the full version of the film, is extremely harmful to the film industry.

DACC can solve these problems through technology. The registration of copyright content and every copyright transaction will be recorded in the blockchain, and these records will be tracked from time to time. The copyright owners will clearly see the transactions of their entertainment content product, forming a complete copyright chain. Besides, traders of entertainment content products will no longer have to look at the contract one by one to find the copyright source and to check the ownership relationship of the entertainment content products.

Creators can easily find the copyright source, transaction details and the current ownership of the content from the DACC chain, so that the phenomenon of piracy can be solved from the source.

Smart contracts on DACC allow every transaction between the owners and traders of the entertainment content copyright to automatically carry out on the chain. As a result, there is no need to repeatedly sign one-on-one license contracts, greatly improving the transaction efficiency and reduces the transaction costs of both parties.

In addition, DACC will change the traditional relationship between consumers and creators, bringing them closer together. In the past, there were too many middlemen between the consumer and the creator. The money that fans spend on the album may not end up in the hands of the content creators because of the existence of interest exploitative middleman.

The decentralization of the blockchain can solve the problem of revenue distribution, and the entertainment content industry has a strong driving force to adopt this solution to achieve a more reasonable income distribution.

Creators can issue their own Tokens through the DACC public chain and customize the usage of Token, such as use for redemption of concert tickets, e-commerce shopping, and fans meeting. Through the circulation of Tokens, creators can gain higher economic returns and maintain better relationships with their consumers.

DACC is the world’s first decentralised IAM-based content blockchain, dedicated to addressing copyright issues from the source and protecting the content creators’ copyrights and benefits through a complete transaction tracking record on the chain. Through innovating Token model to encourage communities to share contents, DACC also increase the value of entertainment content.

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What is the Blockchain?

A block chain is a transaction database shared by all nodes participating in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol. A full copy of a currency’s block chain contains every transaction ever executed in the currency. With this information, one can find out how much value belonged to each address at any point in history.

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