Blockchain : DACC Uses Blockchain Technology to Upgrade Education Industry

Blockchain : DACC Uses Blockchain Technology to Upgrade Education Industry

Education is indisputably important for everyone. But at present, as a key part of the national development strategy, there are still many problems to be solved.

In China, for example, the uneven distribution of educational resources, the difficulty of confirming intellectual property rights, the high cost of education information and the fragmentation of students’ information are the most prominent issues.

In response to these drawbacks, DACC uses blockchain technology and intelligent contract technology, combined with big data applications, to create a decentralised and cost-effective IAM-based content chain that is convenient for right confirmation and platform application.

In March this year, the issue of copyright protection was once again brought to the forefront by a hot article. The article describes how a big paying-for-knowledge platform did not acknowledge the signed contract during a partnership with the content creator. The platform also coerced the content creator to accept a revised contract that is unfavourable to him, and encouraged the live broadcast of the original content without the permission from the original creator. The fact is, more powerful the platform, more prone it is to bully the content creator.

In the face of the centralised platform, the individuals are on the weak side. The background data and function interfaces are in the hands of big platforms and when you want to defend your rights, they will state that “The right of final interpretation belongs to us.”

DACC – the world’s first decentralised IAM-based management content chain – uses the blockchain technology to chain the original content. DACC achieves the dual right confirmation of content and revenue through the non-tamperable and fully traceable characteristics of the blockchain.

In the era of paying-for-knowledge and the Internet, the cost of content dissemination is extremely low, the cost of copyright protection is extremely high, and the number of platforms that are driven by interests to infringe the rights of original creators is numerous, therefore the copyright issues are very common.

In response to this weak spot of the classical Internet, DACC utilises the decentralised nature of the blockchain to seamlessly connect buyers and creators, and the entire consumption process is completely transparent and traceable.

In addition, DACC can also use the full traceability feature to record the time of the right confirmation throughout the entire creation. In other words, DACC can confirm the content right in the content creation process rather than after the whole work has been created. Through the non-tamperable nature of the blockchain, the creator can fully record all the creation journeys from the initial inspiration to the final work.

In this way, IP service providers can participate in the transaction at any time during the creation. Besides, on decentralised platforms, creators can earn rewards by producing high quality content and users can also receive rewards by providing ratings and reviews.

DACC realizes the initial transaction confirmation to the final benefit confirmation, which greatly reduces the cost of the confirmation, thereby improving the circulation efficiency of the original work.

There are many excellent educators in China. Although not all of them teach at famous first-ranking universities, but their teaching ideas, teaching works and teaching materials are also very excellent. However, there is not a good platform for them to present themselves and to benefit the wider populations of learners.

If these resources are put on the DACC, more learners can get higher teaching quality at a lower cost, meanwhile these excellent teachers can also develop their strengths and gain higher profits. DACC’s user evaluation system enables these educators to get better positive feedback and hence further improve the quality of teaching.

On the other hand, DACC is a blockchain project for the whole world. Every country’s educational resources will be gathered in the DACC, and through the DACC’s evaluation system, the virtuous cycle of improving teaching quality will be continuously realized.

DACC is the world’s first decentralised IAM-based content blockchain. It is committed to improving the management of content rights and perfecting the production relations of the content industry through blockchain technology. Education is an extremely important content resource for human beings, and DACC hopes that through the its efforts, all educators can get higher benefits and more people can enjoy high-quality educational resources at a low cost.

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What is the Blockchain?

A block chain is a transaction database shared by all nodes participating in a system based on the Bitcoin protocol. A full copy of a currency’s block chain contains every transaction ever executed in the currency. With this information, one can find out how much value belonged to each address at any point in history.

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