CryptoCurrency : Almost blew up at a “cashless” bank today

CryptoCurrency : Almost blew up at a “cashless” bank today

I’ve long been one that believed in utility crypto projects over payment projects, but I had a really frustrating experience today that wouldn’t even be necessary with a real crypto banking system in place.

Had a business account with a bank and long story short, they raised their monthly account fee and refused to waive it. So I withdrew my balance and closed the account. Well, Bertha didn’t close it and I ended up getting charged an OD (on a business card I didn’t know about) on the monthly account fee. Called their 800 number and they claimed they no close was done when I withdrew the entire balance. Rather than continue to fight (I was at work), I mapped the closest location and headed there.

I get there and it was a branch inside of a supermarket with a teller and two account specialists. Ask for a deposit slip which she gives and then after filling it out and pulling out my cash to pay and close the account, she tells me she cannot take it because they are a cashless branch. She said she could take money orders and recommended I went out to the supermarket’s customer service center and buy one. I almost lost it.

I had to then drive across town to another branch that could process cash. I mean, what are we doing here people? A bank wanted me to pay a third party and purchase a money order so I could then make a deposit. In 2018? Whichever moron banking exec came up with the cashless branch idea can shampoo my crotch. Sorry for the rant, but it is experiences like this that make me hope something can gain real world traction and get rid of nonsense like this.

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