CryptoCurrency : Always Keep the Big Picture in Mind.

CryptoCurrency : Always Keep the Big Picture in Mind.

I think it’s time for optimism. Why? Because during the bear market big players kept crushing our hopes with fake pumps and market manipulation. Everybody is depressed. Everybody has accepted that they will eat ramen for the next year.

> I will tell you the secret to getting rich on Wall Street. You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy
– Warren Buffett

So stop thinking like a fish in a fish school. Start thinking like a predator in the deep sea. Only because it is going it’s own way, it is able to find enough small fish to feed it’s giant body. That’s why I think you should not ignore the current pump while everybody else is still cautious. If you were optimistic at the start of the crash, so why be pessimistic at the end of it? I think it’s happening right now: we are now entering the bull market. As you will see, I predict this next bull market to be very similar to the last one because decoupling has not happened yet. Bitcoin is still the king. But this will probably be the last cycle of this kind, before the market matures into a different one with more veriety.

**Always, at any stage of the market, keep the big picture of what is happening in your mind:**

1. Bitcoin pumps.
2. Media starts to cover it, projecting $100k+ BTC.
3. Doubts dissolve. General optimism. Everybody is bullish again.
4. Breaking point: BTC hits new ATH, media explodes, Mcafee predicts $3M or he will eat his dick.
5. Bitcoin everywhere on social media, mainstream people without any technical knowledge buy in.
6. Too many organic transactions + mempool spammed by malicious actors with an agenda to win people for their own technology = congested blockchain causing frustration.
7. Smart people start to pump undervalued alt market with their BTC gains.
8. Huge altcoin returns make moon and lambo boyz fomo back into alts (paradigm change: people start looking for a “superior Bitcoin”).
9. Bubble bubble. Everybody knows it’s a bubble. Stupid people keep entering the market. Your grandma just bought Bitconnect Diamond X and is making more profits than you. Everything is due for a crash but nobody wants to cash out while charts keep going up like crazy.
10. Big whales (the ones who are buying right now) dump everything. Huge red candles coming out of nowhere.
11. People think it’s just a temporary correction. Everybody reassures each other to HODL because “new ATH next month confirmed”.
12. Market down 60%. Your stupid friends who bought all the shitcoins have lost their faith and cash out at a still acceptable price while you keep holding and wake up to a red 24h change almost every day for the next few months.
13. Dumb money has been completely washed out. Nobody is talking about crypto anymore. General pessimism. Crypto is no longer associated with getting rich overnight.
14. Whales realize that it has bottomed out and keep accumulating. The first price spikes happen. But everybody is denying that it’s going up again: “whale’s manipulating, it’s just another trap”. It will be true a few times. But there will come the day when the pump is real. Nobody will see it because everybody has already lost their hope. Everybody will only be able to identify this day in retrospect, hating themselves for not noticing the market trend change.

And another cycle completed. Only those who play the market and those who HODL for many years are the ones who come out as the winners.

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