CryptoCurrency : Building a fun economy for the internet : brick by brick

CryptoCurrency : Building a fun economy for the internet : brick by brick

It’s interesting to look at how a meme coin called banano is building an economy based on memes and games.

Let’s see some examples

**1) Coin rain to active community members**

.brain, takes: amount Distribute <amount> evenly to users who are eligible.Eligibility is determined based on your recent activity and contributions to public channels. Several factors are considered in picking who receives rain. If you aren’t receiving it, you aren’t contributing enough or your contributions are low-quality/spammy.Note: Users who have a status of ‘offline’ or ‘do not disturb’ do not receive rain.Example: .rain 1000 – distributes 1000 evenly to eligible users (similar to tipsplit)Minimum rain amount: 1500 BANANO

**2) Coin giveaways**

Eg :-

There are 47 entries to win 1190.00 BANANO ending in 28 Minutes and 31 Seconds – sponsored by BananoBot++. Entry fee: 10 BANANO. Use: –

.ticket 10

to enter –


to add to the pot –


to check the status of your entry

**3) Banano talent contest**



**4) Meme and emoji design contests**

Such contests happen regularly within the banano community providing the community to earn coins for their efforts.


Avatar-Emoji Design Contest ——————————— Design a Banano King Kong Avatar-Emoji! Must be a King Kong in the form of Banano. The designs of a King Kong eating Banano or those in which they are separated will not participate. Post your creation in <#416341951416369153> and mention me for entry. Ideal resolution: 512x512px or 800x800px. 1st place winner will receive 6000 Bananos, 2nd place winner will win 4000 Bananos and 3rd place will receive 2000 Bananos. MUST BE AN ORIGINAL CONCEPT NOT JUST PULLED FROM THE INTERNET! Contest will last 24 hours and will end tomorrow at 16:30 hs. CARACAS TIME // 20:30 hs UTC TIME.

**5) Reddit meme giveaways**

Post banano memes in []( and receive bananos.

**6) Banano game faucet (Banano runner)**


**7) Banano Royale (Banano games and Casino)**


**8) Banano bet (Provably fair dice game)**


**9) Scuba trivia**

Answering simple questions in the community channel to receive free banano coins which again ensures that the coins get evenly distributed among active community members.

To join the fun loving and vibrant banano community, click here : [](

Banano homepage : [](

View the link


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