CryptoCurrency : DENT Road Map Detailing Future of the Project For the Following Year

CryptoCurrency : DENT Road Map Detailing Future of the Project For the Following Year

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Breakdown below (some smaller goals like merchandise store were not included) Things to note before reading: Dent has had a great track record of actually meeting all of their goals in a timely manner and in some cases far exceeding them (2 million users by the time they promised to reach 1 million) Dent has been used for buying data packages but the real utilities that will drive its price up are being implemented in this roadmap. A lot of these things seem ambitious but most of the goals already have deals worked out and platforms running in the background, they are just running live trials and working out the kinks.

**Q3 2018**

· Release a separate app called ETHScanr that allows you to track your own ETH addresses or addresses of other investors or ICO’s by this month.

· Add 15 new countries and 25 new operators to the total list

· Earn Dent to buy mobile data by watching ads (rolled out to select countries first) downloading apps and other interaction with brands

· Start allowing trading of data packages with select operators

**Q4 2018**

· Dent Loyalty program-get perks for 30 days by locking up a tiered amount of Dent for those 30 days. You can withdraw only after the month is up and tiers are 1000, 5000 and 10,000. This is great because it means the supply will be constricted, hence raising the price. If only 10% if the current userbase signed up for the top tier (about 20 dollars now) 20% of circulating supply would be locked. You get discounts and added bonuses for holding the coins

· Enable option to buy Dent with other crypto

· Roll Out data trading

· Launch Dent Exchange which enables you to buy data packages and trade cryptocurrencies against a trading pair of Dent. This also makes it very easy to purchase crypto using Fiat.

· 7 million users by the end of this quarter. 3.5 million as of writing this.

**Q1 2019**

· Launch Dent World Telco where you can do voice calls and sms messaging using Dent as payment

· 20 new countries

· Enable buying Dent through telephone bill.

· Begin testing the possibility of enabling money remittance (international money transfer) using Dent

· Continue adding operators to the list for data package trading

**Q2 2019**

· Launch video calling on the Dent app

· Launch retail campaigns. Essentially get codes when you buy things like a coke that let you redeem for Dent and data

· 25 new countries

· B2B Data trading- trial being able to trade data packages between carriers.

· List on most of the top 50 exchanges

· 1 million users on their secondary app ETHScanr, 15 million on the Dent App

As you can see they have quite a lot they plan to get done and are moving fast as far as most crypto companies are concerned. They plan to be in the top three crypto by number of users by the end of the roadmap and are constantly looking at ways to expand the use of Dent beyond just for Data. Dent exchange will be a real exchange listed on coin market cap and will list several utility coins. They also plan to test money remittance with specifically refers to when people abroad send money back home, typically to developing nations which are Dent’s prime audience. Considering they have many mainstream and realistic uses for the coin, it very well could be how millions of people enter the crypto market, being able to buy and sell crypto in the same app they will use for data plans and contacting people. I do believe the main reason Dent has fallen so hard is due in combination partly how small the community is compared to other projects, and the bear market (smaller communities tend to not have as many people boosting confidence in hard times) The Dent team has in the past focused mostly on growing the tech and business side of it, along with the mainstream userbase. They have said they are going to start working on growing the awareness of Dent in the cryptospace.

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