CryptoCurrency : Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)

CryptoCurrency : Distributed Credit Chain (DCC)

**A project called Distributed Credit Chain (DCC) was created in order to make the credit market not as exclusive as it used to be. All this will be available, thanks to the use of blocking technology. It will be a special decentralized platform that will act as a special credit market where all transactions and transactions will be determined depending on the existing demand or supply.**

**Platform Advantages**

**The ecosystem has the following advantages:**

**- the absolute destruction of the monopoly. Thanks to the existence of such a decentralized market, each client will decide who to give his attention to.**

**- all information and data will be protected as much as possible. Everything will always be confidential. Today, there will no longer be a need to store data on third-party servers. Thanks to this platform, all information will be easily stored either locally or in a special cloud.**

**- all data and information will be checked very effectively.**


**The internal token of the system is DCC. To develop it, the most modern and new technology was used, based on crypto-currency ether. The cost of this token will be only 0,0388 US dollars.**

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