CryptoCurrency : Get Ready: Hodor’s Incomplete XRP Newsletter

CryptoCurrency : Get Ready: Hodor’s Incomplete XRP Newsletter

There’s a LOT going on in crypto as we speak, and the two Congressional hearings were just a sample.

I analyze the testimony provided to Congress in both of those important hearings.

In addition, SBI Virtual Currencies has gone live now for all Japanese users, marking an important milestone.
I believe SBI VC will have an enormous impact on sustained volume levels for XRP.

Two recent conferences featured Ripple representatives, and Ripple has begun organizing for the next SWELL Conference!

Last but not least, I make the case that the XRP Community should make more than a token effort to visibly and materially support businesses that in turn support XRP.
While large Silicon Valley players address the high-profile use cases for XRP, the XRP Community can make significant inroads supporting retail businesses.

I hope you enjoy this latest blog – please leave any feedback below!

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