CryptoCurrency : Hit us up at ETH India Bangalore

CryptoCurrency : Hit us up at ETH India Bangalore

Lendroid has always had a whale of a time at the ETH Global events. They’ve been the perfect melting pots for every aspect of the ethereum ecosystem. The sheer spread and depth of projects that these events attract is staggering and they’re probably the only times serious devs feel at home in a crowd.

This year, we were at ETH Denver and then at ETH Buenos Aires, where a welcome announcement of further ETH Global events was made. Denver happened right in the middle of our Token Generation Event, and BA was a curtain raiser for Reloanr (I know it’s been a while. Something came up. We’re almost done).

ETH India is close to our hearts. For a lot of us, the crypto dream began in India, and opened doors to new perspectives, ideologies and socio-economic structures. To be able to sponsor this event and participate in it fells like a journey come full circle. Okay, enough mush.

So what will we talk about at Bangalore? We, are currently very interested in scalability. The trigger for this is the exorbitant cost of transactions when deploying a lending operation. Now, the Reloanr smart contract will use an estimated [3 million gas **less**]( than other any other lending on the blockchain right now. But even this is still too bulky as far as we’re concerned. Which is why Vii is looking at state channels with a scary amount of nerdy enthusiasm.

For those of you who came in late, Lendroid is working on the underestimated and misunderstood [area of credit]( We are engaged in enabling credit on the blockchain, and the myriad real world use cases that depend on it — from a secondary market for DAI loans, all the way to Margin Trading. We’ve employed a modular and non-linear approach to the project, building components that will add up to enable margin. We’re looking to work with brilliant and likeminded developers to take this journey forward.

So swing by the tropics, zero in on Bangalore, and talk to us at [ETH India Bagalore]( It’s India, so we can start the conversation with weather and the food. Blockchain is only a couple of degrees of separation from there.

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