CryptoCurrency : imusify – Company Structure

CryptoCurrency : imusify – Company Structure

The company is incorporated as a private limited liability company limited by shares, duly incorporated in 2018 under the laws of Estonia. The company has one subsidiary company, duly incorporated as a private limited liability company, under the laws of Federal Republic of Germany in 2018. imusify chose the Estonia as the place for incorporation due to a clear stance of local authorities and the country’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) on the treatment of enterprises performing token crowdsales. imusify does not require significant infrastructure or facilities for the conduct of its business operations, and allows for a lean model of operations.The company’s core team is comprised of more than a dozen highly skilled and educated individuals (developers, entrepreneurs, marketing consultants, lawyers, financial experts, etc.), who proved their dedication to the vision by setting aside their lucrative careers to work on this project and bootstrap the business. A majority of them had direct exposure to the music industry and many are even musicians themselves in their own right. Their passion is shared by over 300 contributors, and advisors, who participated in the development of the concept, the business model, and strategic directives. In November 2017, the platform won its first award for second place out of 40 other competitors in the inaugural CoZ dApp Competition.

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