CryptoCurrency : Invested nothing but time

CryptoCurrency : Invested nothing but time

So, figured I’d tell my story.

I hear bitcoin hit ~~3k in March~~ 2k in May of last year, I thought to myself ‘how can I get in this?’ I didn’t want to spend any money.

So I did some research, saw NEO had a novel consensus algorithm, someone asked if it had a ledger app.

So I did some research, made a ledger app for neo. Then wanchain. Then nano. Then banano. Next eos. (Roosmaa ended up doing most of the nano/banano app, great guy, faster than I am)

Did it for tips or for investment from the dev team. I am up 100% on my investments because I did not see it as a place for money, more a place to do work to improve the product.

So if you look at this as a place to dump your life savings, you will probably be down in this bear market.

If you instead look at this as a place to work hard and look for opportunities to improve the products that are on the market, you will be up 100%.

I then got involved in the crisis in Venezuela, so I’m up 100% but also reinvesting some of that in charity work. Win/win in my case.

I could say more about the crisis and how it’s a golden opportunity to use payment tokens to invest in real-world projects with full transparency as to how they spend their money but I don’t want to shill anything and get downvoted.

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