CryptoCurrency : Let’s Talk about Binance…

CryptoCurrency : Let’s Talk about Binance…

Like me alot of people fell in love with binance over the last bull run. I loved the user interface the ease of KYC (or lack of) and the fact that it was the first fantastic mobile app for trading. Binance has done alot of good for crypto and allowed the ALT market to spread at rates faster that we could have imagined. But now here I am, looking back and thinking that while they did so much good they also really missed a great opportunity. Binance was seen as a credible “filter” for the bad coins. The average new person to the market thought that getting listed on binance was like the project was given a green light of legitimacy. Sadly 75% of projects are just illegitimate ponzi pump schemes and poor attempt at creating unique solutions to problems that in some cases dont even exist. We as a community should not support an exchange that does not truly support the crypto space.

-Paid listings should not happen

-Projects should have all team tokens locked in smart contracts for a preset period of time upon listing

-Projects with proven industry implementation should be given priority over theoretical BS.

-Stop the voting to list its rigged and promotes the tribalism that’s destroying this community.

Can we dedicate this thread to ideas about internal centralized exchange listing policies that you would like to see and comment on those if you agree or disagree.

(I know DEXs are the future, but this is a problem right now and DEX can learn from this too.)

Stop betraying peoples trust and stop listing true shitcoins.

Binance is replacable


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