CryptoCurrency : Monero is about to kill itself, and no one on their sub will listen to me.

CryptoCurrency : Monero is about to kill itself, and no one on their sub will listen to me.


Monero is an ASIC-resistant coin. Recently, ASICs went online their network. So they hardforked their algorithm. But now, they’re trying a completely new method of PoW: RandomJS. Instead of solving hashing algorithms, Monero will now be mined by solving random Javascript programs.

Great right!?!?! You can’t develop an ASIC that computes Javascript code faster than the just-in-time bytecode optimization algorithm in Javascript’s engine, and you can’t create a program that executes Javascript faster because it’s literally had the worlds greatest minds try to optimize it.

IGNORNING the fact that it’s *Javascript*, which is flimsy as fuck and has gaping security flaws, IGNORING the fact that an FPGA can implement the just-in-time bytecode optimizer, there is a GAPING FLAW in the RandomJS implementation.

(For the technical users, I’m about to explain what’s wrong with [THIS](

If you read that, you’ll notice something oddly peculiar; **THEY REMOVED THE NEED FOR THE JUST IN TIME BYTECODE OPTIMIZATION**

That’s fucking right, they REMOVED THE ENTIRE POINT OF USING JAVASCRIPT by only running the generated code once, because now a user that does NOT choose to optimize their code will have an advantage.

Which means: ASICs can develop on the Monero network. Smart programmers will fuck over the Monero network. Javascript will now be the BACKBONE OF THE MONERO NETWORK.

So yeah. [Here’s the source code]( if anybody is interested. I’m moving to Dogecoin, where at least Đ1 = Đ1




>How about explaining why you think it doesn’t work? In the OP, I see nothing more concrete than sheer incredulity.

Because you have randomly generated JavaScript code. Eventually, this JavaScript code will have to do some math. You offload the math to an ASIC and bring back the answer, you are going to be miles ahead of any CPU

>I have 2 monero, can someone tell me if this is moon or doom?

It’s not *that* bad. But it’s definitely a bigger deal than people realize.




##EDIT: [It is *POSSIBLE* that I’m mistaken]( due to how the JIT optimizer works. If this protocol has any flaw, it would be in how that functions. With that said, JavaScript was not built to do this kind of shit, so it would be a hefty bet.



##We’re getting a lot of /r/Doomero and /r/PitchforkEmperium. This is *NOT* that big of a deal, because the Monero Research Lab will probably *NOT* give it the green flag – but it’s best to stay educated, discuss and critique regardless.

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