CryptoCurrency : ~~ MONERO vs PIVX: The First Scheduled Privacy Coin Debate Thread on /r/CryptoCurrency ~~

CryptoCurrency : ~~ MONERO vs PIVX: The First Scheduled Privacy Coin Debate Thread on /r/CryptoCurrency ~~

Welcome everybody! As scheduled in the respective communities earlier today (as seen [HERE]( and [HERE]( we will be hosting our first ever open debate thread between these two coins!

#Why Privacy?

Mainstream Crypto adoption brings along an unprecedented fear that we’ve never had before – EVERYTHING is public. We will face a social and economic challenge no other generation has, where your wage, account balances and every purchase is permanently recorded for your nosy neighbor or crazy ex to snoop on. We’re here to make sure this stops before it becomes a problem!


#What is PIVX?

PIVX is the *most advanced* Zerocoin protocol on the market, with an insanely talented team of researchers and developers bringing forward Instantly Verified Private Transactions to the cryptosphere. On top of launching the first PoS Zerocoin implementation, PIVX’s innovations on the Zerocoin protocol include encrypted serial storage (ezPIV), deterministic zPIV for 1 time seed backups (dzPIV), fractional spend, direct 3rd party spend, automint, and zPoS, the first and only private staking system in the entirety of crypto. Topping it off, we have Researcher and [**Bulletproofs**]( author Jonathan Bootle on the PIVX team, who’s new paper shows a never-seen before zero-knowledge cryptographic proof almost every privacy coin has or will implement in the near future!

#What is Monero?

Monero is the biblical beast of the privacy coins – Driving forward almost all the new cryptography in CryptoNote thanks to their crowd-funded Research Lab, and pushing developments abroad to protect every Cryptocurrency user’s privacy with their latest project [**Kovri**]( Monero’s privacy is protected on every level with completely different approaches, using Stealth Addresses to hide sender and receiver addresses, Ring Signatures to obfuscate the blockchain and RingCT to cover the amounts sent – ensuring your on-chain transaction info can never be recovered.


Other privacy coins including but not limited to Particl, Zencash, Dash and Zcash are welcome to the discussion – but the main focus today is between these two communities, so let’s make the most of it 😉

**Important Reminder**: Do not upvote or downvote posts soley on your personal Cryptocurrency preference. Vote based on merit, expression of voice and the solid backing of comments. This is an education-driven, not an emotion-driven debate =D!


#Enjoy, stay civil, and let the fun begin!

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