CryptoCurrency : MovieCoin – Hollywood 2.0!

CryptoCurrency : MovieCoin – Hollywood 2.0!

Moviecoin, also known as Hollywood 2.0, will be building a blockchain based financing platform for the entertainment industry. The project is headed by Christopher Woodrow, who was the executive producer for the movie Birdman, that won 4 Oscars in 2015. He is now going back to where he was.

Through this platform, he aims to make the entertainment industry a more profitable investment. Adoption of blockchain technology, smart contract and the Bankex’s proof-of-asset protocol, where movies and tv programs are being tokenized, will increase stakeholders’ transparency and improve the existing accounting and payment systems. With this being implemented, it is expected that a massive amount of new money coming into the Hollywood entertainment industry.

On the other hand, consumers can use the MOV tokens to purchase movie tickets, Blu-ray or video on demand services.

ICO is not yet announced. But stay tuned.


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