CryptoCurrency : Posting higher quality news articles in this sub

CryptoCurrency : Posting higher quality news articles in this sub

Too many of the “news” articles that are posted in this sub are from obscure and unknown clickbait sites that wildly exaggerate the truth or make unfounded claims based on made up “sources”. The articles are often short, have a sketchy URL, are filled wit tons of ads but very few facts, and are generally ultra-low quality.

These sites do us more harm than good. They spread misinformation and speculation. Their goal is not to inform, it is to push an agenda and they have no reputation to worry about. Importantly, when viewed by discerning people outside the crypto community, these articles raise red flags in potential investors who are turned off by these illegitimate sources.

**Crypto receives more mainstream news coverage today in a single day than it did in an entire month about 12 to 18 months ago. Major news outlets have dedicated staff covering crypto and they’re surprisingly fair in their reporting and take crypto seriously. We have more options now than ever – there’s no need to rely on low quality click bait stuff.**

So please don’t get fooled by them and most of all don’t post them here. This sub already has a rule against low quality content, and I think that should be expanded to include news articles. Here are some examples of what is actually reliable (not an exhaustive list by any means):

**established news sites**: Bloomberg, Reuters, Wall St Journal, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Tech Crunch, etc.

**influencers and decision makers:** tweets and statements by CEOs and public figures in the tech/finance industry

**Research:** studies, polls, and other crypto related quantitative analysis

*** BTW, I’m only referring to news reporting, not opinion pieces like what you might see on Medium***

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