CryptoCurrency : SCAM ALERT: OMG Airdrop Email

CryptoCurrency : SCAM ALERT: OMG Airdrop Email

Hi all,

Never thought my first post on this sub would be about me losing it all but sadly it is. An OMG airdrop email came out today that said it was valid for 72 hours. This is the link r/ and this is the address that my funds were taken to 0x8DDf3b072ECa70950803211e4BeA77971365702E.

I realize that not much can be done, it hurts and I just wanted others to be aware. Obviously this was my own stupidity and I am not looking for sympathy

If anyone knows something that I can do please do let me know. I have already reported the address to etherscan.

Thank you all for everything but sadly this is the end of my blockchain journey.

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