CryptoCurrency : The Lazy Man’s Way To Crypto Investing

CryptoCurrency : The Lazy Man’s Way To Crypto Investing

Hey everyone!

I’ve been an avid fan/investor of the Crypto space for quite some time, yet I’ve always had trouble around WHEN and HOW MUCH to invest in the space. Clearly with the price action of late I would imagine you fall in one of two camps…either you are buying hand over fist or you are cautiously waiting on the sidelines for the dust to settle.

This 1) lack of decision making ability and 2) wanting to invest systematically BUT keeping my exposure to a minimal amount of my net worth has led me to create my new company [**Hansel Invest (**](**.**

Hansel is a platform that rounds up your daily transactions up to the nearest whole dollar and invests the spare change into Cryptocurrencies (at your discretion). The crypto remains in YOUR wallet, so we NEVER have access to your funds. We are on a mission to democratize Cryptocurrency investing and we believe this is a crucial piece to doing so. Hansel allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ and systematically invest in the space no matter where the price is, which takes emotion completely out of the process!

I wanted to share this here as I feel I am not the only person in this situation (which is why I created the solution to begin with). Please please please check out my site and provide feedback/sign up for the Beta! I truly appreciate it and hope I can further the Cryptocurreny movement with my platform, even just a little bit! Thanks again everyone!

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