CryptoCurrency : The lesson from Apple to Crypto and Blockchain in General

CryptoCurrency : The lesson from Apple to Crypto and Blockchain in General


This morning I had a shower thought, it was about how apple isn’t actually inventing yet all their products post-2000 became best seller (perhaps number 1 selling at their class at a time).

Let’s take a look:

• Long before the iPod there was the Sony Walkman, among others, yet the iPod revolutionized how we can listen to music.

• Same for the iPhone, which simplified the smartphone usage for the mainstream instead of being a device mainly used by corporate workers and nerds.

• The iPad is still a dilemma for me, I’m guessing it used the success of those former devices I mentioned in succeeding.

What I’m trying to say is that we mostly need the Apple of cryptocurrencies, a technology that simplifies the usage of cryptocurrencies, be it through some sort of the invention of a simple to use hardware, and/or designing a simple, smart user interface, all that to be used by your grandma, grandpa and even your 1 year old son or daughter from that ONS.

The most important thing that must happen for crypto to success:

Not solving a need, but **creating a need**.

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