CryptoCurrency : Thinking of going into cryptocurrency

CryptoCurrency : Thinking of going into cryptocurrency

TLDR: Trying to get into crytocurrencies (penny ones or not) and would like a crash course on basically everything if people would be so kind 🙂

I’m young (24) and starting a pretty good job soon and want to invest in things. I’ve been looking at IRAs, other portfolios and such and i know the crypto market is growing and has lots of upside (if getting in at the right moment and stuff). I’ve been talking to people i know and looking at some stuff online the last couple of days for some info and at the moment, would like to start investing maybe like 200-500 in a currency/currencies.

My problem is, i don’t really know anything about cryptos other than the main ones (bit, lite, etc.) And even than i still don’t know much of anything.

Idk if this is the right sub/flair/place to ask but i’d appreciate if people could help give me a crash course on everything basically in regards to cryptos/penny cryptos/the market/what makes these cryptos gain/depreciate in value/etc.

If there’s a video(s) that help out, please point me in the right direction! I’m not looking for videos to emulate their success…more like to understand how the got their success (if that makes sense?)

P.S. If someone has already asked this type of question before…sorry!! I tried searching a bit for a thread like this but haven’t really found anything worth thought i’d try my own!

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