CryptoCurrency : Ucn is the first public infrastructure blockchain.

CryptoCurrency : Ucn is the first public infrastructure blockchain.

– **Transaction value:** UCN is circulated in all DApps built on top of UChain as payment for all kinds of transactions.

– **Supply chain vouchers:** UCN can be used as vouchers for the purchase of assets from suppliers (sharing bicycles, smart devices, etc.).

– **Data contribution rewards:** Users will be rewarded with UCN if they decide to contribute their data to the development of the ecosystem.

– **Value-added services:** UCN can be used for payment of API services provided by UChain.

– **Community rewards:** UCN will be rewarded to the community contributors such as third-party developers and community operators.

– **User incentives:** UCN can be earned by improving your community activity such as on-boarding more users and creating valuable content.

– **Fees:** All fees will be denominated in UCN such as transaction fee from Sharing services and DEX.

– **Ad delivery:** UCN can also be paid for advertisements deliver through the UChain advertising system.

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