CryptoCurrency : Vacation thoughts – Croatia really needs crypto

CryptoCurrency : Vacation thoughts – Croatia really needs crypto

Tldr; Croatia needs crypto because ATM fees are high as fuck. It feels like your getting scammed. 200$ gone in fees.

Recently came back from our trip to Croatia. I had a great time and it’s such a beautiful country, but i noticed how their economic system is kinda poor and fees are very high.

I come from a digitalized country (Sweden) and nobody is accepting paper money here. Only credit cards or something called swish. (It’s like crypto payments but centralized)

In Croatia however, most places don’t take credit cards, only paper money. So you’re forced to withdrawl money from the ATM’s which has very high transaction fees.

The transfer rate between HKR/SEK should be 1.375 but in the ATM’s it was 1.6 + transaction fee.

That means that they took 14% ish fee for every ATM withdrawl. Plus a transaction fee of 2 – 3$ dollars.

This is why the banks and their scammy tactics should die. This is why I’m in for the long run because I don’t care if the price is low or high, the world and the people needs crypto.

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