I told everyone months ago after some investigation and applying common sense that SALT LENDING was doomed and the writing of their demise was all over the walls. Well, it’s coming true and yes, I told you so.

If any of you are still in this worthless shitcoin you better cash out what little remains of its value.

1. The CEO and founder just QUIT a few days ago! QUIT. GONE! Exit scammer. I told you this guy was a clown and exit scamming! I hope the SEC seriously looking into Shawn Owen. He really needs to be investigated if anyone does.
2. There is no longer the “amazing arbitrage opportunity” available (buy SALT tokens on exchange for peanuts and use to pay off loan at $27.50 per SALT token). This was absurd and clearly unsustainable. Those rare few who actually have loans are going to get liquidated (unless BTC goes on an epic run).
3. Highly censored Reddit and Telegram full of paid shills to TRY to hold up the coin just a little bit longer while the CEO and friends hide their stolen loot and get out of dodge. (I am banned in every salt social media for a long time now).
4. The token LITERALLY has no use case at all now. NONE. NADA. NUNCA. Who would pay a membership fee with tokens for the privilege of taking out a high interest fully collateralized loan? No one!
5. Game OVER for SALT. Run!

It would serve the crypto community well if someone can forward SALT LENDING and SHAWN OWEN’s info to authorities that be. Though I’m an anarchist, I’d love to make some use of this worthless government while they are still around and rid the earth of some crypto scum bags.

Best of luck to all and God Bless.

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Author: NachoKong

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