CryptoCurrency : What about true pure mined cryptocurrencies?

CryptoCurrency : What about true pure mined cryptocurrencies?

Why do the people who support cryptocurrency hate actual cryptocurrencies? For example: 0xBTC is a pure mined ERC20 token. There was no ICO, airdrop, or anything similar. Just like BTC it’s supply is scarce and the ONLY way to get it is to mine it. People support these coins and tokens that people magically mint or premine the hell out of when they have no mathematical cryptographic source. Every single ERC20 token, aside from 0xBTC, was magically created out of thin air, given to a human at some point who then distributed them. This isn’t currency, it’s play money. True cryptocurrencies are pure mined, they aren’t created out of thin air and given to people. It’s sad to see the direction this community has taken, I wish we could go back to the good ol’ days where people loved PoW.

Nowadays people just say that PoW is a waste of energy and should be stopped. How can you think that? Does it use any electricity or pollute the environment to run 100+ ton dump trucks hauling gold ore away for processing? Is that a “waste of energy”? No, it’s not. It takes energy and WORK to get a scarce resource. It’s PoW but in real life. PoW is the most proven, trustable way of distribution since the dawn of time. It’s the natural way it’s happened forever and the best way we’ve found yet. What if real life resources, like gold for instance, was at one point in the hand of one person; do you think that one person would distribute it fairly? Maybe they keep 1% of it (premine)? That’s not a currency. Utility tokens are fine in theory, but most of them have NO WORKING PRODUCTS and their price is derived purely from speculation and hype. Why is something like 0xBTC ignored? Another true crypto, yet everyone hates it because “oh it copies BTC’s name and it’s a fork/clone/scam”. Really guys? Have you read the smart contract yourself? (Read it here:

You can verify that it’s written from the ground up in solidity. It’s literally an analogue of Bitcoin within the EVM (Ethereum virtual machine). The tokens are controlled by code and not people. The code can’t lie or manipulate or change the supply. The smart contract dispensing 0xBTC is fully autonomous, it’s a done deal. If you want it you can mine it. It’s a pure mined TRUE cryptocurrency. Just like gold it’s scarce and is a great store of value. You’ll probably see this with -20+ downvotes, and that’s okay. Don’t follow the masses, they always lose. Pure mined crypto has always and will always be on top. Don’t lose sight of what Satoshi truly wanted.

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