CryptoCurrency : What are the main Trends/Challenges for Bitcoin and whole crytpocurrencies industry?

CryptoCurrency : What are the main Trends/Challenges for Bitcoin and whole crytpocurrencies industry?

Nowadays Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular, almost everyday appear new startups with attractive Whitepapers, which raise implausible money via ICOs and going to solve all possible and impossible problems. Because of this noise it is complicated to concentrate on real problems and current challenges for Crypto World and community.  

So here is what I mean:

– ~ 600 BC Metal Coins appeared.

-> 2009 Bitcoin p2p Electronic Cash System, which operates without any central authority, was launched and allowed to make transactions without banks and removed government monopoly on minting, distribution and control of money.

-> 2010 Mt Gox appeared, allowed to buy and sell Bitcoin.

-> 2012/2013 Peercoin/NXT appeared trying to replace PoW with PoS.

-> many altcoins appeared, 2013 Mastercoin launched, which allowed to create coins on top of Bitcoin layer.  

->  this idea was elaborated and in 2015 Ethereum was launched, that widely introduced smart contracts, ability to create own tokens and develop dapps on top of Ethereum blockchain. ICOs became trendy.

-> 2017 Lightening Network launched that enabled fast transactions for Bitcoin and micropayments.

Of course I mentioned not everything, a lot of things seems to be done, but more to come.

What’s next for crypto industry? What are the most important Challenges now, what problems/weaknesses should be solved? Who is trying to solve them now and how?

PS please don’t post in comments shitty projects – “copies of existing services but on blockchain” it has nothing to do with bright future and development of Bitcoin’s and cryptocurrencies’ World.

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