CryptoCurrency : What does the STRYKZ platform do?

CryptoCurrency : What does the STRYKZ platform do?

STRYKZ aims to standardize a decentralized crypto currency for fantasy sports and fan-oriented products. In the current fantasy sports world, players will only be able to arrange weekly and seasonal challenges as much as they are daily, thanks to the STRYKZ platform, while focusing on short-term goals. But what is really nice is that you can decide who will be able to participate in this tournament and how much entry fee will be charged for participation. So what game you want to play is entirely your imagination.

STRIKZ tokens are cryptographic currencies on the platform and can be used for any payment or reward. You can win tokens with not only the matches but also the contributions that will provide the platform. For example, if you are a passionate player or a player, the content you have made about it can give you a token.

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