CryptoCurrency : You want a bull run ? Here is what you need to do

CryptoCurrency : You want a bull run ? Here is what you need to do

ELI5: Shorting means a lot of bears are betting against BTC. This means they borrow your BTC (through the exchanges) and they dump it in hope to buy it back lower and give it back to you.

Right now, there is an incredible amount of short positions opened: [](

Those guys are currently in panic, and they keep shorting (selling more) in order to save their a$$ (or cover their margins).

ELI5 for the above: If the exchange sees that the price goes against the people that have short positions, they “ask” them to put more money (assuming that they wont be able to buy the same amount of BTC that they borrowed because they dont have enough money on their account). If they do not do this, they get liquidated, and they lose all of their money.

What should I do ?

Do not be greedy and take those crappy 15% profits after 30% dumps. If you planned to buy more, do it now, so the shorts get margin called. They are the only ones selling now in order to save their ass.. dont support them by selling yourself or opening new shorts.

P.S. They already started getting rekt a bit (thats why the 6.6k pump happened): [](

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