Ethereum : [13×1060 3G] ~22,2 MH/s (70W)-> Any Room Upwards?

Ethereum update: [13×1060 3G] ~22,2 MH/s (70W)-> Any Room Upwards?

Hey guys,

For a couple of months I am running my headless linux 13x 1060 rig now and it was pretty stable for the time being. For some days now, I experience strange crashes from time to time. syslog states

**Aug 1 20:05:47 minter1 kernel: [73034.226724] cuda-2[3504]: segfault at 100000057 ip 00000000004dc84e sp 00007fbf88ffb830 error 4 in ethminer[400000+891000]**

Google says, that that error is regarding a null pointer exception or something similar.. anyway, that beyond my knowledge. I just did an update/upgrade and will see what happens…

When stable I am running at 22,2 MH/s @70W each card, which is pretty efficient, I think.

My initial question would more be: Is there better profitability for 13x 1060’s -> e.g. ZEC?

Months ago I once switched from mining ZEC to ETH because of that ASIC miner from Bitmain. But since the last few crashes I am considering to alter some of my mining configuration again. What would you recommend me to do? Stay @ETH or switch to some other algo? What about 22,2 MH @70W .. Is there propably a more efficient confing possible?


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