Ethereum : 16-18mh/s on gtx 1060???

Ethereum update: 16-18mh/s on gtx 1060???

It has hynix memory. I tried overclocking it to the max stable oc and I only get 15mh/s. Ive read somewhere that hynix 1060 shouldnt exceed past 3685 on memory otherwise anything higher will have loser timings and even give lower hashrate. I can verify this and i got better hashrate after setting the mem to 3685. The other day my 1060 was hashing 18mh/s all day but now for some reason its back to 16mh/s…

Ive seen people get atleast 19mh/s on hynix so is my card so bad? Did I simply lucked out of the silicon lottery?

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