Ethereum : 3 out of my 10 Gigabyte RX570 stopped working at a same time

Ethereum update: 3 out of my 10 Gigabyte RX570 stopped working at a same time

Hi guys, hope you can help me with this. I bought 10 brand new Gigabyte RX570 8GB. Built a new rig running on Hive OS, everything was working great for few days, so I decided to flash bios on them. Hashrate goes up to beautiful 25 mhs on each card without overclocking. I never overclock any of my cards and this rig is no exception.

After about week I wanted to change OS to Ethos. Found out that ethos have better power savings options than Hive. I use hive only to flash bios, because it is super easy.

The only think i did, was that I removed SSD, flashed ethos on my laptop and put SSD back into rig. Booted up and 3 out of my 10 cards were not working.

During boot up I get this error message for every GPU that is not working:

And this is how it looks like when system boots up
(picture is showing four of them not working, but one started working and is good for a few days now)

Since I was unable to make it work, I switched back to Hive. Those 3 cards are now not working even under Hive. So I installed Windows 10 with only one good card connected to motherboard, but as soon as I connect one of three bad, systems randomly freezes and I´m not able to do anything.

Do you guys have any idea what could go wrong? I literally did not do anything, just changed OS on SSD. And suddenly 3 cards stopped working but at the same time?!? This is like mystery for me. Should I send them to manufacturer for a warranty repair? Will the warranty stand even when bios was flashed?

Thank you for any ideas!

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