Ethereum : A free web app to monitor your Windows rigs! [BETA]

Ethereum update: A free web app to monitor your Windows rigs! [BETA]


I’m looking for miners who would like to try out the beta of my new web app that I programmed, [](!

RigMonitor allows you to remotely monitor your rigs and alert you if there’s any problems.

You can also see the status of each GPU, including temperature, fan speed, hashrate, and accepted / invalid / rejected shares.

I’ve included some images of the interface.

RigMonitor currently supports the following programs: Claymore, PhoenixMiner, Ethminer, Bminer and XMR Cast.

The site is still in beta. If you have already launched a website, you know that the job never ends after the launch. There are always surprises! I would appreciate any feedback or comment.

Link to register: [](



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