Ethereum : Age old question from a relatively new miner.(Pool Selection)

Ethereum update: Age old question from a relatively new miner.(Pool Selection)

Hey fellas, i’ve been mining since the of February. I’ve 2 rigs. One of them is 8x RX580 and the other is 4x 1070(adding cards as fast as i can). I’ve been happily mining on Nanopool but with the recent events(the other posts about efficiency and not being able to earn as much as we are supposed to), i’ve decided to switch pools after the next payout. I’m looking for a pool with good EU servers(i’m near EU) and pays as close as possible to what i should earn with the hashpower i’ve. I’m hashing around 373-374mh/s in total, which to my calculations should total to ~0.90Eth per month with the current difficulty. Should i go Ethermine, Sparkpool, Dwarfpool,…etc. Please share your experiences and direct me a new home(pool). PS: 0.05eth payout option would be nice too.

Thanks in advance, happy mining everyone!

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